Top Global Business Opportunities to Grab at Expo 2020 Dubai

It doesn’t happen every day that you get to meet people from the world over and from almost every possible industry under one roof. Thanks to Expo 2020 Dubai! Cheering “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” in words of one syllable at the extravagantly decked-up stage of the world’s most high-octane city, the Expo 2020 Dubai is a haven of business opportunities not only for local business persons but for foreign investors as well. The event is every bit wow-worthy, and you’ll stumble upon only the things that are carved out of creativity, innovation, progress and culture, the moment you’ll get off your vehicle! 

A world of worlds! 

Not everyone has the same purpose to visit the most-awaited #Expo2020Dubai. Some are heading to the mega fair to hang out, some to click pictures and make videos with never-before-seen elements for their YouTube channel or other platforms, some to unfold the mystery, some to follow the crowd, and some to explore new business opportunities just like you. The moment you step into Expo 2020, it takes you to a whole different world altogether, showing you a glimpse of the future. Boasting over 192 huge, jaw-droppingly decked-up country pavilions, each different and more gorgeous than the next, 152 robots at their toe, up to 60 world-class live events daily, 200-plus food and beverage outlets for good measure, and something new every day for 182 days, the 6-month long mega event is a treat for all your senses. No matter which part of the world you are coming from or what is the purpose of your visit to the global event, Expo 2020 Dubai has something for everyone. 

It comes as no surprise that hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners have an eye to the world’s biggest event ever after the soul-destroying pandemic. Opportunity, Mobility, Sustainability are the three mainstays of the global Expo where every guest country is participating to unveil their cutting-edge innovation while familiarizing all and sundry with their culture and heritage. Take your pick and allow us to enlighten you on what opportunities you may find for yourself while rummaging through the latest inventions treasured by 192 countries in the humongous “mystery box” namely Expo 2020 Dubai. Ahead, we are taking you on a tour of 5 of the most-popular EXPO 2020 Pavilions that are bursting at the seams with a carload of innovative business opportunities

United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

Let’s start with the UAE, one of the most futuristic countries in the world. Much ink has been spilled about why Dubai is a treasure trove of opportunities. Expo 2020 Dubai has just multiplied them by serving as a global platform to create far-reaching advantages that will reach other market segments as well and drive the Emirate’s sustainable growth and economic progress. SMEs visiting the global fair can tap into its sensational potential for business opportunities. If you couldn’t attend the “Dubai Week in China” session held on Thursday, 27 October, let us enlighten you that the nation presented opportunities for Chinese private sector involvement in infrastructure projects and services provision. 

From travel & tourism to hospitality, water to food, real estate to consultancy, supermarket to beauty salon, be it any industry, foreign investors have myriad options to come forward and start a business in the UAE regardless of nationality or budget. Expo 2020 means millions of visitors including business persons, entrepreneurs and job seekers. And with the increasing number of people visiting Dubai these days, you can make the grade irrespective of the location, sector, or business idea your heart is set on. Even if you have limited capital to invest, the sky’s the only limit when you are planning to set up a new business in Dubai or expand the existing business in any of the seven Emirates in the UAE. Although every sector in the expat-friendly Dubai brings with it a Midas touch no matter the season, during the Expo period, you can earn a fortune by investing in real estate, entertainment, water supply, travel & tourism, food & beverage, entertainment, taxi & car rental, logistics, and hospitality. For any kind of business setup assistance, you can always connect with an expert business set-up consultancy in Dubai, UAE


Have you shaken hands with Chinese superstars- Youyou or Walker X (Big humanoid service robots), the mind-blowing creations of Shenzhen-based UBTech Robotics, turning heads of the visitors at the China Pavilion of the ongoing world fair? If you’re vying for an investment opportunity in Zhang Wei, “Light of China” (the three-storey China Pavilion) is your place to be! Aiming to build a community with a shared future for mankind, innovation and opportunity, China has gone all out to lure the business communities to try their hand at various sectors by putting on show their latest technological advances. From UBTech Robotics’ AI and robotics education solutions to SAIC Motor’s concept car named “Kun” to Arrow Home Group Ltd.’s world-class ceramic sanitary supplies, China’s cutting-edge inventions are sure to have businesspersons smitten. With a global presence in over 68 countries and regions, including Australia, Indonesia and Senegal, Arrow sees the Middle East as a necessary gateway to global markets. To better absorb opportunities in the water-scarce region, Arrow unveiled products tailor-made for local consumers such as toilets with high water efficiency. 

Chinese businesses have begun production and manufacturing in the UAE, whereas they were mainly into import and re-export previously. More Chinese private enterprises are now investing in marketing networks and factories abroad than ever. Thanks to advanced technology and reduced corporate taxes and fees in China. Not to mention, the UAE economy has been luring Chinese companies with its growing range of investment opportunities whether it’s power generation, infrastructure with a new trade, logistics and greenfield projects. Energy, steel, building materials, construction machinery, hardware and chemicals are the major sectors that attract Chinese investors to the UAE. The emerging high-tech market in the Emirates is on the radar of Chinese establishments after making their mark in oil and gas, new energy, infrastructure, communications, finance, and other fields in the UAE. “The Expo 2020 Dubai will help attract more overseas enterprises to the UAE, provide broader opportunities for Chinese businesses in the Emirates, enhance our bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and seek greater progress in pushing the China-UAE comprehensive strategic partnership forward to the new era,” according to the CBC chairman. With over 5,000 enterprises in the UAE and across the Gulf region, China is zeroed on integrating the global focus on innovation and opportunity, communication and cooperation, development and sustainability. That’s what the “Asian Superpower” is proudly highlighting at the Expo 2020 by letting the world know about their recent most accomplishments and culture in diverse fields, including Chang’e-5 lunar exploration mission, the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), high-speed rail through theme films. 


Let’s swing (Literally!) to Germany, a sustainability powerhouse for practicable “made in Germany” solutions for real-life problems. Acting together and sustainability are their weapons to battle the environmental crisis. The major reason for the prominence of Germany’s economy on the world stage can be linked to the small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) of Mittelstand. Offering a stable political and economic climate for business expansion, ‘the country of poets and thinkers’ has already proved to the world its technical, industrial and cultural capabilities. Boasting an impressive economy, consumer market, and workforce combined with its strategic position in the European Union (EU), Germany takes the cake when it comes to expanding influence in Europe and across the globe. Ranging from small sole proprietorships to large conglomerates, Germany can spoil you for choices. You can make the most of the growing demand for flexible logistic solutions and the increasing popularity of click-and-collect stations in Germany. Germany is also one of the leading European markets for e-commerce cross-border trade. Retailers can easily access the country’s 58 million online shoppers by taking advantage of Germany’s established delivery infrastructure. Investing in the areas of Technology, Marketing, Fashion and Logistics could give you surprising ROI. 

Titled ‘Campus Germany’, the edutainment-based Germany pavilion is focused on imparting knowledge and doing so in an interactive way. We can’t get over the immersive experience that 36 interactive exhibits featured by the three engaging labs – Energy Lab, Future City Lab and Biodiversity Lab of “Campus Germany” provide at the 2020 World Expo. What a playful and innovative way to showcase potential solutions to global problems! It’s indeed a forward-looking place of knowledge, research and human interaction as mentioned by Dietmar Schmitz, commissioner-general of the German pavilion. From Covestro’s technology that utilizes CO2 as an alternative raw material for plastic production to Enerkite’s new approach to wind energy with kite-based systems to Heliatek’s winsome techniques of utilizing ultra-light, flexible, ultra-thin, organic solar film for new applications to Munich City Council’s (in collaboration with the German federal state of Bavaria) geothermal technology to generate electricity and heat, Germany’s every homegrown expertise seems lucrative than the next. That’s not all, though! Fraunhofer IEE’s StEnSea project, InFarm’s future-proof, smart modular farming system, University of Kassel’s (“Building Art Invention”) invention of turning any building into a solar power facility by applying a solar-active, organic liquid, (such as fruit juice), Technical University of Munich and Berliner Wasserbetriebe’s technique of harnessing natural bacteria’s power to reduce residual traces of medicines, viruses or chemicals in purified water in a targeted and efficient manner, Thyssenkrup’s world’s first vertically & laterally moving ropeless elevator “Multi”, Aerospace Technology’s Lilium Seven-Seater eVTOL Jet, The Institute of Bio- and Geosciences’ (at the Forschungszentrum Jülich research centre) revolutionary planting processes to combat the climate change in the future are equally impressive investment opportunities

A caveat: Germans are straightforward and can be blunt at times. They respect authority. Do not exaggerate and stay formal with them. The best part is – You don’t need to rub shoulders or establish a personal relationship with them to do business in Germany. It’s your academic credentials and the life span of your company that they put on a pedestal. 

Brazil (aka Brasil) 

Brazil is a country distinguished by a mixed economy counting on import substitution to attain economic growth. If you are looking for a slice of the action in the world’s sixth-largest economy, then Brazil could be the next stop of your entrepreneurial journey! Opportunities loom colossal for SMEs in Latin America’s largest country, where sustainability is adamantly on the agenda. Sitting on the 116th position amongst the 189 countries featured on the World Bank’s ease of doing business index, Brazil sticks out like a sore thumb when patient and smart entities seek their next location for investment. Promoting its diversity, gastronomy and culture to the international community through its tropical Rio Negro-inspired staging, Brasil Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai arches for both fresh entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners from every corner of the planet to showcase their business skills in its sustainable infrastructure while making the most of multiculturalism and sustainable best practice offered by the resource-rich nation of nearly 212.6 million people. The investment opportunities in Brazil’s sustainable infrastructure sector could reach £495 billion between 2020 and 2040, reveals the Sustainable Infrastructure Investment Opportunities in Brazil report. World’s major grain producer including cassava, beans, corn (maize), cacao, bananas, rice and other agricultural commodities and top beef exporter, Brazil is also offering not-to-be-missed opportunities in investment and trade in the Food & Agricultural Commodity markets apart from travel and tourism sectors at the mega global event. You can imagine the nation’s agricultural potential by the fact that it manages to feed more than 1 billion people worldwide by using a mere 8% of its territory for food production. Do we need to mention, Brazil sees a potential market for Brazilian food and agricultural technology in the Arab nations! 

Currently, the Amazon biome is on Brazil’s radar. Investment attraction and the generation of employment and income in the Amazon are key to the conservation of the forest, according to Hamilton Mourão, Brazil’s Vice-President. You can find your business opportunity confined in Brazil’s 4,000-sqm showcase at Expo 2020 Dubai conveying the message to the world that “Brazil is a country that produces clean energy, with over 60 percent of its territory covered by original vegetation, with know-how in clean fuels”. Although change is slow and gradual in Brazil it’s all worth beating a path to Brazil right now. Whether you wish to take your Indian business to Brazil or are looking to establish a brand-new business in the economic powerhouse with the world’s 12th largest economy, you have our back. You might want to know from Buschmann & Associates Attorneys, one of our member partners listed amongst Brazil’s top firms why Brazil is a great choice to invest in. 

India (aka Bharat & Hindustan) 

Feeling thirsty? Why look for free water points when you can quench your thirst with a free glass of water inside the pavilion itself after standing for 40 minutes or so in the long queues to visit the pavilion! Free water in Dubai? I am not kidding! You gotta believe me, just wait a second or two… 

I know you are keen to know what’s there for fresh as well as seasoned business persons in India’s Dh250-million worth “Bhanumati Ka Pitara” (we mean treasure chest) gleaming brightest at the Expo 2020 Dubai and tempting millions of visitors to line up at the entrance to the worth-queuing Bharat pavilion! Front-and-centre of the extravagant event, India bets big by presenting huge investments and opportunities using the theme language of Openness, Opportunity and Growth for the world that’s still coping with the global pandemic. Now, it’s time to raise the curtain from the miraculous invention of the Indian start-up, AirOWater, the miraculous water vending machine that produces the purest form of drinkable water from the moisture present in the air through a four-step filtration process. I can picture you smiling! This technology can work like a charm in the most challenging regions of the world by providing low-cost water made of air. Ready to replace water dispensers at home, workplaces, hotels and shopping malls, these high-efficient, cost-effective AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) machines are sure to hydrate the bank accounts of investors and businesspersons! 

India pavilion welcomes the world to visit its ‘Indian Innovation Hub’ that has been developed to bring to light the country’s innovation potential and capabilities and to provide a platform for budding innovators and start-ups at Dubai Expo 2020. Aiming to attain sustainable growth over the next 25 years and become a global frontrunner in creating a safe and prosperous world, the world’s third-largest start-up ecosystem with a unicorn count of 51 doesn’t need an introduction on the global platform when business or investment opportunities is the topic of discussion. The country exhibits its culture, tradition and game-changer business opportunities through its various engaging state-specific activities. Not only that but the states of Gujarat, Karnataka and Ladakh also successfully organized several business sessions along with conferences pertaining to the investment opportunities in the month of October. There are plenty of business opportunities in Ladakh across focus sectors viz. sustainable infrastructure, connectivity, food processing, and tourism. The partnership between the government of Karnataka and Gulf Islamic Investments (GII) will also act as a shot in the arm for the India-UAE investment bond. “India is a powerhouse of talent and is making many advances in the world of technology, research and innovation.”, said Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India. According to the PM, the “New India” is a land of opportunities waiting to be capitalised on, whether it’s in the field of arts or commerce, or academia.rt Parking Solution, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads for Women, Warehousing for E-commerce, Last-Mile Delivery Solution, Robot-based Restaurant, Healthcare at Home, Incenses Stick Making, Discovering Green Eating Solutions Online, Hydroponics Farming are some of innovative, upcoming businesses in India that are sure to put you on the entrepreneurial map. 

Setting up a business in a developing country such as India, Indonesia, Africa, can pose some challenges due to various reasons including poor infrastructure development, an impoverished population, the lack of a well-trained workforce, unstable economy, political instability and concerns over violence. Despite downsides, developing countries provide an opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses that may not be available in developed nations. SMEs may make the most of the advantages of starting a business in developing countries that could lead to strong business growth opportunities such as inexpensive labour, an under-served market and lower business restrictions, just to name some. All you need to shine brighter as an entrepreneur is – chip away the wall of apprehensions. And of course, partner with one of the best business set-up consultancy firms in Dubai, UAEsuch as Adam Global, a business set-up expert that stays by your side throughout your entrepreneurial journey to make it an easy breeze!  

Millions of Businesses, One Earth & One Vision 

There is just one Earth! And our only Earth is in crisis. Andthey say, “Stars do not pull each other down to be more visible; they shine brighter.” And we can’t agree enough when we imagine the future of businesses. We are heading to a world where every business’s vision would be the same, i.e. “Reducing Environmental Impact”. Weeding out the causes or impacts of climate change would be imperative for every business. And they will all be working for purpose and passion, not just profit. Not only companies but you will spot employees too tending to make a meaningful social impact, and they will do this earlier in their lives instead of waiting for retirement. 

Within the soil of crisis, hides the seeds of opportunity! 

In the post-COVID-19 era, there will be a greater need to increase innovation and move away from the comfort of operating ‘business as usual’. If organisations do not adapt to new ways of working, they may experience an existential crisis. After a decade or two, we would be living in a world where every company would be bringing to their customer to weed out everything that’s harming our planet Earth. Because human activities depend on and alter natural ecosystems, economic activity cannot be understood as independent from the natural environment in which they happen. Today’s humans know how to turn crisis into opportunity. The coming business generation will work for purpose and passion, not just money. And that’s inevitable, screams Expo 2020 Dubai out loud! 

Is your company future-ready?

If not, then gird yourself up to do a one-eighty and recalibrate your products and services in line with sustainability. Businesses are swiftly shifting to environment-friendly products and services rather than people-oriented offerings, while shaking hands with technologies that can help them reduce the adverse impact on the planet. And we are not complaining. Like any disruptive force, climate change is generating opportunities for companies willing to innovate. Technology will continue to drive innovation across business models in various industries, allowing new businesses to enter the market and disrupt incumbents in significant ways. And the good news is you don’t have to be a tech giant to embrace eco-friendly technology. In order to drive business growth, stay relevant in changing times, and differentiate from the competition, business leaders must be able to think creatively and roll out the red carpet for innovation to produce breakthrough value for their customers. Expo 2020 Dubai will prove to be a game changer for the new sustainable universe! 

If there were ever a time to join us, it is now! 

Your business is your dream. You envision it and we make you live it! Hit it big with Adam Global, your one-stop end-to-end business setup and development solution in Dubai. Get in touch and sit back. And see your pipe dream come to fruition. 

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