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How to Get A Food License in Dubai

How to Get A Food License in Dubai: Guide to 2024 Business Setup

Table of Contents How to Get a Food License in Dubai? How to Start a Food Business in Dubai Steps to Getting a Food License in Dubai Register your business with the Department of Economic Development (DED). Get approval from the Dubai Municipality’s Food Control Department (FCD). Apply for food license approval from the Dubai

Product Registration in Dubai, UAE: 2023 Guide

Dubai, known for its luxurious skyline and bustling markets, serves as an inviting platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. The emirate’s business-friendly environment offers ample opportunities for merchants keen on importing, manufacturing, and distributing products. Recognizing the importance of maintaining product quality and consumer safety, the government of Dubai has streamlined a comprehensive product registration process. In


How to Register a Trademark in UAE: Your 2023 Guide

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property rights, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a bold step to strengthen its trademark and IP regulations. With an aim to curb trademark infringements and protect the interests of investors and businesses, the UAE has raised the fines for violations to a hefty sum of Dh1


Food Brand Trademark Registration: FAQs

It’s impossible to not drool over Emirati cuisines. From popular Madrouba to traditional Tahta Malih to finger-lickingly scrumptious Harees to classic world-famous Shawarma, Dubai’s versatile drool-worthy food menu can tickle you pink even in your worst mood. Thanks to the ever-growing food business in Dubai, UAE! Staples of Emirati cuisine include meat, fish, and rice,


Product registration in dubai

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