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The 2023 Guide to Obtain an E-Commerce License in Dubai, UAE and Cost 

Introduction  Welcome to the exciting world of online business in Dubai, the city of gold and opportunities. If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering launching your e-commerce venture in this vibrant city. But before you start selling those handmade Persian rugs or those exclusive Emirati spices online, you need to get your e-commerce license in


How to Renew a Business Licence in Dubai?

Not just products, but some documents also expire. But the best part is the latter can be renewed unlike the former. One such document is a trade licence. In Dubai, trade licences are valid for one year. And you are not oblivious to the fact that operating with an expired licence is an offence in


E-Trader Licence in Dubai: FAQs Answered

Wondering to sell something in Dubai, the smartest city in the MENA region, but don’t have money coming out of your ears to get the business up and running? E-Trader licence is your ticket to take off to the world of business in Dubai without breaking the bank! Social media is your runway! And of


Trade Licence in Dubai Explained

Establishing a company in the heart of the UAE is thrilling, but all the spadework required to register your business in the emirate and obtain various licences to be able to trade in the desired territories and cities can make your heart skip a beat! One of the mandatory licences you need to operate legally


Dubai Industrial Licence: FAQs Answered

Nothing in the world can stop manufacturers and industrialists from rolling in money. As sure as eggs is eggs, entering a manufacturing industry can cost you the earth, but what else can be as rewarding as producing sought-after products is?! If you are determined to stand out in the crowd with your brand and your


The Commercial Licence in Dubai Explained

One of the business licences you need to establish your company in the mainland area of the UAE is a commercial licence. The other two common business licences in Dubai, UAE are Professional Licence and Industrial Licence. This is a mandatory requirement, so you have to get acquainted with the procedure to apply for the


Professional Licence in Dubai Explained

Life is no bed of roses! And it’s professionals and experts like doctors, nurses, chartered accountants, drivers, lawyers, engineers, business consultants that make the life of the common public easy and stress-free. Fixing a faulty tap, air conditioner, vehicle, computer, phone, etc., or dealing with their finances by themselves is no less than taking a


How to Cancel Your Trade License in Ajman – Complete Guide

This blog will help you understand why and how you should close your business in UAE mainland or free zones such as the Ajman Free Zone. All businesses are legally required to cancel their licenses upon closure. Luckily, Dubai Business Advisors will summarize the steps and formalities which you must follow to close your business


Technical Services License in Ajman- Quick Guide to get your License

[vc_row rt_row_background_width=”fullwidth” rt_row_content_width=”default” rt_row_style=”default-style” rt_row_height=”” rt_column_gaps=”” rt_row_shadows=”” rt_row_borders=”” rt_bg_effect=”classic” rt_bg_image_repeat=”repeat” rt_bg_size=”cover” rt_bg_position=”right top” rt_bg_attachment=”scroll” rt_bg_layer=”” rt_bg_video_format=”self-hosted”][vc_column rt_bg_effect=”classic” rt_bg_image_repeat=”repeat” rt_bg_size=”auto auto” rt_bg_position=”right top” rt_bg_attachment=”scroll”][vc_column_text]The UAE’s rapid urban expansion continues stimulating the demand for technical services amongst its private, public, and corporate consumers. In this blog, we will explore the procedures and nuances of obtaining a technical