Five reasons – Why hire a Business consultant in Dubai

With so much information available on the internet and even offline, many clients have asked us this common question:

Why hire a business consultant  to start my business in Dubai when I already have all the information I need?

However, this is exactly one of the main reasons why you need to hire a credible and experienced business consultant in Dubai . You have so much information available that it cannot only be at times really overwhelming but also really time consuming to gather that information.

Look out for a credible and experienced business consultant in Dubai. Many companies may claim to be business setup consultants, but you must be really sure that you hire someone from a  firm that comes from a consulting and advisory background. Not all firms have consultants that can actually advise you. Most of them would be too pushy to sell you into things that they have to offer that you or your business may not even need.

why hire a business consultant in dubai

What makes a to hire a Business Consultant in Dubai so important?

So why do people hire consultants from a consulting company like ADAM for example, that has been trusted from clients coming from all parts of the world over the last 16 years?

The answer is simple: Business Consultants in Dubai can help you with the following;

1.Understanding the right legal structure

Firstly , hiring a consultant will allow you to understand the type of legal structure you require for you business to be incorporated. Every company formation type, be it Mainland, Freezone or Offshore has their own legal forms and structure and a consultant is able to identify which legal requirements are really applicable to you.

2.Choosing the right jurisdiction

Secondly , UAE has over 40 free-zones and most of them are located in Dubai alone , which can make selecting the ‘right one‘ a bit overwhelming. The type of location and jurisdiction largely depends on the type of activity that your business is likely to carry out. This simply means that business consultant will be able to identify if you need to incorporate your company in mainland through DED (Department of Economic Development) or in a free zone.  In either cases your consultant should be able to help you find the right jurisdiction and location for your business.

why hire a business consultant in dubai

3.Need assessment and comparison

Thirdly. a well experienced business consultant in Dubai will be able to give you a sensible cost and benefit comparison of all freezones and locations available within Dubai. Going probably to a freezone directly may get you the information you need, but you may miss out in certain offers, packages and comparative analysis to check out other options. An experienced consultant on the other hand would give you what you really need and not what you ask for.

4.Save time, money & avoid frustration

While you may be thinking you could save on the cost of hiring a consultant and incorporate your company yourself, you tend to ignore the fact that the consultant is not just simply there to only incorporate your company and do the job. A consultant has hands on experience knowing how, when , where and with whom to deal with. Not only that a Business Consultancy and advisory firm like ADAM (Dubai Business Advisors) often goes a step beyond and offers additional value add services or clients .This all will definitely help you not only save time and money but also a lot of trouble and frustration should you end up doing something wrong in the process.


5. Finding trustworthy connections and business partners for your company in Dubai

Another important thing  to highlight is, that a reliable and credible consulting firm will be able to identify a trustworthy local partner for your business. A company like ADAM here, for example, goes a step beyond and can even offer you a corporate sponsorship for a Mainland company giving you a higher sense of financial freedom and security since the Partner is a corporate and not an individual. To know more about the difference, advantages and process of local and corporate sponsorship for a mainland company in Dubai , watch out for our next video on the ‘the Local sponsor vs corporate sponsorship.

Getting a good kick-start with an expert on your side will definitely make your business experience in Dubai worth it!

If you have any questions related to setting up a business in Dubai , contact us today!

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