What is the procedure and cost of document attestation in Dubai, UAE?

There are some valuable documents that you hold with you throughout your life with utmost care more than anything else. These could be your birth certificate, marriage certificate, custody papers of your child/ren (if you’re a single parent), school migration certificate of your offspring, your spouse’s death certificate, identity proofs, passport, and of course your


Breaking 5 Most Common Myths About Setting Up a Business in Dubai

Most people around the world, who have not got a chance to visit Dubai yet, picture the Emirate as a filthy rich city where everyone is rolling in money, roaming decked up with precious jewellery and expensive accessories in Ferrari with petrol brimming to its cram. People enjoy tax-free incomes and cheap rides as the


10 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Ensure Success of their Startup in Dubai

Seeing your business flourish within the very first year of the launch feels like all your Christmases have come at once. Isn’t it! But expecting it this much soon can leave you disappointed. Not every company can go platinum overnight like Uber and Facebook! Most startups take at least 2 to 3 years (and sometimes


Why Office Fit-out is Crucial to Success in Business?

You might not believe but it’s true that the décor and dynamics of your workspace can greatly influence your employees’ work productivity levels. While a sullen, unsmiling ambience of your workspace can take the staff down the dumbs resulting in low work efficiency, an unreasonably done interior can distract them as well. The chosen artwork


Commercial leasing guidelines for tenants in Dubai

We can’t deny the fact that we are all smitten with sumptuous buildings that Dubai is dotted with. And when it comes to rent an office space for your business you would want one that not only stands high in beauty but also comfort. Because the way a workplace is designed affects plenty of things,


Top Ways to Slash Healthcare Costs in UAE

If you think the double vaccination followed by booster shots is your rock of Gibraltar amidst the omicron-dominated fourth wave of the virus. You and the people around you might be in trouble. It’s not us who say that but the statistics from the world over. We almost reached on the verge of throwing our


Top 5 mistakes to avoid when starting or doing a business in Dubai

With a spring in your step, you are soon going to live your dream of owning a company in the UAE. But hold on, do you know what can go wrong? Whether in your home country or abroad, you can see yourself going out on a limb, doing business. Entrepreneurship is inherently risky, and it’s


Tips To Nail A Great Business Card

Congratulations, you did it! The very first step you take right after setting up your business in Dubaior anywhere in the world is to print your business cards. Your business card is the window for the audience to peep into your business world! The more appealing it will be, the more curious they will be


Common mistakes that businesses in Dubai are unaware of!

Dubai is indeed an eminent business destination due to its investor-friendly environment. The success of these businesses solely depends on the right decisions and choices made. Many aim to achieve prosperity, but several companies fail to tap into true success due to some common mistakes they are unaware of. 1- Incorrect License Opting for a

Corporate Sponsorship-Vs-Individual-Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship Vs Individual Sponsorship

It is widely known that companies registered under the Limited Liability Company (LLC) Structure in Mainland Dubai will always require an Emirati Local Sponsor who will hold 51% of the shares of the company. However, this is not always the case. It is important to understand that what is normally done may not always be