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Why You Should Operate Your Business from a Coworking Space in Dubai?

It might take years before the pandemic which started in 2020 waves goodbye to the world forever. And there is nothing wrong with humble beginnings in the world of business during economic uncertainty. No wonder, most entrepreneurs keep their choices simple and low-key when starting a new business in a foreign country, especially location decisions.


Wages Protection System (WPS): Explained

It’s no more a secret that the UAE, particularly Dubai, is an expensive place to live. And it goes without saying that a swarm of UAE expatriates lives pay cheque to pay cheque. If they expect their salaries to be paid on time, are they expecting too much?! According to Law, private sector employers in


Top 5 Businesses in Dubai That Don’t Need Hefty Investment

We all live to make money, loads of money! And usually, people tend to choose the easiest way – an 8/9-to-5/6 job – to accomplish the goal of their life. But how many of them actually reach there? Not everyone is a professional like doctors, lawyers, software engineers and architects! Setting up a business is


How to Start a Manufacturing Business in Dubai?

They create massive employment opportunities, produce the products society needs, contribute greatly to the country’s economy and promote stronger inter-industry and inter-sectoral linkages, strengthen productivity, technological development and innovation. We have a thing for manufacturers and producers! And so does the UAE. The country sees the expansion of the industrial sector as a strategically significant


How to Apply for a DED Licence in Dubai?

Businesses can’t be established simply at the stroke of a pen. You have to follow a certain process that can involve a series of steps and tons of paperwork. And obtaining a relevant trade licence is one of them. Ahead, you will see some common steps to follow if you are seeking a DED licence


DED Dubai: Explained

It’s the strict yet easy-to-follow rules and regulations that make Dubai what it is today – one of the world’s safest and most rewarding locations to visit, live and work. When you’re in Dubai, you, regardless of your purpose of visit, have got to be so uptight about the UAE law. And to be able


How to Get Initial Approval for Business Setup in Dubai?

Whether a large-scale or small business, supermarket or a beauty salon, eCommerce services or drop-shipping company, mainland business setup or free zone establishment, no matter what route you choose to reach your goal of establishing your presence in Dubai, obtaining a relevant trade licence as per the intended business activity is mandatory. Although the process


How to Apply for Business Loan in Dubai, UAE?

Can someone make more than AED 5000 per day just by renting out their car to individuals and businesses for photoshoot purposes or simply to put it on display as part of their promotional strategy? Seems elusive! But that’s as true as steel! There are car enthusiasts in Dubai and other parts of the world


10 Monthly Tasks to Keep Your Business in Good Shape!

Your business is your baby! Remember those sleepless nights while planning it, then naming it, growing it, and going the whole hog to make it reach the heights?! The business remains alive and kicking – is all you want and strive for. And if I say it’s not that difficult, would you believe me? Cultivating