Professional Tips to Start & Grow Your Online Business

Starting an online business in Dubai is becoming a popular trend among Entrepreneurs over the last decade, with significant cost reduction of online business startup.

There is an apparent increasing trend seen in customers accessing online platforms for seeking information, services, online shopping, that are being recognized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Google to bring more businesses online by launching the programme “Get Dubai Businesses Online”. Such is the unexploited opportunity caused by the marketing gap between businesses and consumers.

How Help4U.Today makes things easy through its online business in Dubai

One such online business is, which is a platform that recognizes the need consumer’s face every day. From home services including domestic help, cleaning, AC repair, upholstery to even baby sitting and personal training, the Ecommerce business platform in Dubai connects end customers with reliable and quick service providers from trusted companies in Dubai and Sharjah.

You can simply select a service provider of your choice, make an online payment and within 30 minutes you will have help at your door step.

Moreover the platform has a customer friendly smart app where you can keep a track of the service requested.

This allows customers miles away from their home to compare, book, pay and monitor by simply using their smart phone.

“Many such businesses have found better outreach to consumers who were unaware of the business products and services available to them.”


Getting your Online Business in Dubai to Action

While the internet offers the freedom of Online Business, you need to start off with the right tools in hand. Often SME entrepreneurs do have big amazing ideas but may have a small source for initial funds required to setup a website, accepting online payment and basic book keeping etc. This is exactly where we want you to save more money on the basic tools and use it on essential things that will help you scale up your business such as investing into a thorough market research reports or a goal oriented realistic Marketing Plan. After all setting up a business is just the beginning, you want to target the right customers who are most likely to convert by reaching out to them in the most efficient way in a competitive market like Dubai for example.

So if you have made your mind to setup your online business in Dubai (or in fact anywhere) and being an Online Business Geek, we recommend you using

What is Peeka-boox exactly and how does it help when you setup your online business? is basically a one-in-all tool to get your business and suited to both online and offline businesses. Build an astonishing website and start accepting booking online 24/7 with our easy to use platform. Get paid online and use our integrated CRM to trigger alerts and notifications. It enable you to access the accounting and analytics service to keep track of your cash flow.


You just want to start your online business but do not know what to do?

Here is a list of our recommendations.


  1. Online Medical Business

Medical products online can earn great profits. Buy low and sell high! Find out how we can help you with getting approvals.

  1. Online Medical Facilitation

Being an online consultant facilitating patients in need for tips on medical trips and facility.

  1. Online Learning/E-Learning Business

Teaching a new skill or coaching around your expertise. With the world seeing a changing trend in Education. Knowledge providers have the opportunity to use this space to earn big!


  1. Online Re-selling

Using affiliate programs to drive traffic to other sites or even share other’s products, then get your commission in return.

  1. Writing

Readers always lookout for well-written, attractive and reliable content. Business owners are willing to outsource and even hire writers. Easy pay if you are good at it!

Boosting your Online Business with a thorough Market Research

Being traditional or creative with an online business hence offers the potential that can bring high returns. This comes with the understanding of the market dynamics, the need gap, when done with the right marketing mix.

Market Research is a process essential to any business to benefit from data which provides:

  • Get to know your Customer better
  • Who are they? What do they want and expect?
  • The current and future trends of the consumers
  • The size of the market
  • Best strategy to reach out to the consumers, through traditional advertisement or social media, by understanding consumer behavior from data collected by research
  • Get to know your Competitors better
  • Which helps better your product, services and marketing
  • Help stand in the market without being blown of by competitor’s prices and presence


  • Understand the market before testing for a new product
  • Judge whether your product or service will find value through consumer acceptance
  • Make informed decisions for campaigns, content messaging. Which saves money and ensures success


  • Identify new expansion opportunities
  • Analysis of secondary existing data from credible sources provides insights into market share, market dynamics, innovative and sustainable methods
  • Make informed changes in your business products and services from customers feedback. The products and services should be able to attract customers from different backgrounds.

Being informed and anticipating the market trends, to make effective decisions helps the business to sustain and grow. Effective Market Research helps in business growth and expansion.

You can read more here on why and how market research help SME entrepreneurs scale up their business in no time.

Get your E-Commerce Trade license to legally start your online business in Dubai

As an entrepreneur starting an online business, requires you to understand what type of legal entity your online business will be in terms of free zone or a non-free zone (also known as a mainland).

Depending on your business activity and the interest, you can choose to setup you company from the various free zone options in Dubai or even go for a company incorporation in the mainland.

Our trusted advisors will be able to help you with determining the type of incorporation you need, which free zone will serve your needs the best and also facilitate the entire registration and incorporation procedure.  In some cases your online businesses may require warehouse facilities in case your online business will be dealing with supplying consumer goods.

Wrapping it up

So, just to make sure you had it all right, here are the steps we recommend you to follow to develop, launch, run and grow your online business.

  1. Start off by selecting what type of online business you are going to run
  2. Run an Idea Assessment if you have more than one idea
  3. Get a market research on the idea you plan to continue with
  4. Trademark and Protect your Idea and Brand
  5. Setup you company and apply for an E-commerce trade license
  6. Get a feasibility and business plan developed
  7. Use to get you started
  8. Launch your new business and apply for our listed partner and B2B program.
  9. Implement the marketing plan to grow your business

Need Professional Assistance to get your Online Business on the right track?


When opening a company in Dubai, or elsewhere, a management consultant would play a huge role in the incorporation process. They help businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. This all may seem a lot for your initial run in the business world and having creative and experienced professionals to help you in all the initial steps of your company setup. Our Market Research and Consulting division addresses the needs of both SME and Large Scale businesses by providing

Our experts are dedicated to you and help you gain more exposure to the industry and assist in eliminating errors in operations.

How Dubai Business Advisors Simplifies your Entrepreneurial Journey

Since 2002, our Dubai Business Advisors at ADAM Global (Dubai) have continued to maintain the legacy of providing up to date and trusted advice to both foreign and local entrepreneurs including clients from the industrial sector.

Our experts and advisors have worked with and advised some of the leading industry players in the region and have played a pivotal role in their business growth. Our client centric business model, in addition to our local expertise and extensive industry knowledge, consistently creates and adds value to our clients.

The aim of the company since its inception has been to simplify the business journey offering in-house bespoke service offering a single window solution to address corporate needs. These include but are not limited to;

The Company also has been a recipient in multiple awards categories across the domains of corporate advisory & business setup services!

It is a part of the world’s largest network of professional networks , ADAM Global (UK) Limited, a British entity of global independent and multi-disciplinary firms.

Whether you are an entrepreneur wishing to start your business in UAE, an SME, a wealthy international family, a multinational or an established blue-chip company: our highly sought and trusted advice will ensure you have everything you need to start or expand your business in Dubai.

Find out more on why do you need a business consultant?

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