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UAE Golden Visa 2023: Everything you need to know

Table of Contents The UAE Golden Visa for Entrepreneurs has revolutionized the business landscape, offering a golden gateway for global innovators. Whether you’re exploring the UAE golden visa, the UAE golden visa for entrepreneurs, or the enticing 2 million golden visa, the UAE beckons with unmatched opportunities. With the 2023 updates, the golden visa for

Dubai Business Visa: Requirements, Processing Time and Benefits

Introduction  In the vibrant tapestry of global business, the Dubai Business Visa stands out as a golden thread, weaving opportunities and dreams into reality. Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Dubai has always been a beacon for entrepreneurs and investors, and its business visa is the gateway to this world of endless possibilities. 


A Complete Guide to Sponsor a Child Visa Dubai: UAE Family Visa

It is almost impossible to not fall for countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, offering higher wages, lower taxes, better jobs, safer environments, and a higher standard of living and educational opportunities. No wonder, a swarm of people the world over relocates to Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the UAE, which is


Can a Wife Sponsor Her Husband in Dubai?

The shortest answer to this question is – “Yes, provided the married female UAE resident meets certain criteria”! However, this answer may spark up a series of questions, such as – What are the eligibility criteria for sponsoring a husband in Dubai? What is the husband sponsorship process in the UAE? What are the requirements


Business Golden Visa in the UAE: FAQs Answered

Jaw-dropping high-rise beauties, ultra-modern transportation system, hi-tech amenities, no income tax regime, easy-breezy visa policies, and whatnot! Who wouldn’t want to live in a country like the United Arab Emirates that’s as pretty as a picture and as welcoming as the flowers in May? UAE Golden visas are a ticket to long-term residency for certain


Golden Visa in Dubai Explained

Not born with a silver spoon in your mouth but best mind? No worries, you still can acquire the Golden Visa in the UAE! Gone are the days when the UAE golden visa was for only filthy rich people sitting on the sacks of cash. Today, owners of extraordinary talent can also obtain one. Thanks


Your 2022 Guide to Freelance Visa in Dubai

Some to study in world-class universities and gain international exposure, some to make their entrepreneurial dreams true, and some to simply live a high-quality life before they retire in a city that looks new every day. A whole host of people from the world over migrate to Dubai, the city where dreams turn into reality


A 2022 Guide to Obtaining Investor Visa in Dubai

Living in Dubai is all sunshine and rainbows! Warm climate, humble taxes, secure and refined banking system, contemporary infrastructure, dynamic environment, you name it, Dubai has everything that one wants to live a quality life! Thanks to the UAE investor visa that allows one to call Dubai their home. Home is where the heart is.