A Step-by-Step Guide to Co-occupants Registration in Dubai

Going forward, individuals putting up in the properties leased out or bought by the expatriate residents in Dubai must be registered too, says the new tenant rule! All the existing property owners, developers, management companies and tenants must complete the registration process within two weeks from the day of announcement i.e., 24 Sep 2022 (Friday), mandates Dubai Land Department.

The New Tenancy Rule in Dubai

Previously, the tenancy contract or rental agreement used to feature the name and details of the primary tenant or owner and there was no requirement to mention anything about the other family members who were sharing the property of the man user. However, as per the latest amendment in the law, the main occupant must register their co-occupants in the tenancy agreement, whether the property is rented or owned. Registering all the members living in a house enables each resident to use an Ejari document as their proof of address. All the Dubai residents who have signed a property contract including owners, developers, property management companies and tenants can register their co-occupants by following a no-brainer eight-step process mentioned below.

The Registration Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

The co-occupant registration process is easy and can be completed from the comfort of your home or even your car. All you need is a phone, Wi-Fi and personal details and the Emirates ID of the member/s to be registered. Registration can be done online through the Dubai REST app. The rental agreement will automatically be updated with the provided details of cohabitants upon registration. New users have to download Dubai REST App on their smartphone and signup to log in to the application for registration. Ahead we will see the procedure of registering co-occupants in the tenancy contract visa Dubai Rest mobile application.

  • Once Dubai REST App is downloaded, click on “Proceed” on the popup window that reads “Manage Co-Occupants”
  • Scroll down the page a little and click on “Proceed to Register” under ‘Not yet registered’ if you have never registered on DLD’s app or website, otherwise click on ‘Proceed to Login’ under ‘Already Registered User’
  • New users – signup using any of 4 given options you are comfortable with – Emirates ID, Unified Number, Residence Visa Number and UAE PASS. You may choose “Sign up with UAE PASS” for quick access. For this you have to authenticate yourself via the UAE PASS application you already have in your device.
  • Select your role as an “individual” while logging in to the App
  • From the dashboard, choose the property where you are a tenant/owner
  • Tap on “Manage Co-occupants” to proceed
  • Select “Add More” to add co-occupants to the property which you are using as a tenant
  • Enter the Emirates ID and date of birth of the co-occupant and tap on ‘Verify’
  • Add all family members/flatmates living on that property
  • Select the delete icon and submit in case you wish to remove a co-occupant

Note: If your Emirates ID is not linked to your phone number, you will not receive the OTP required to complete this step. You need to first update your phone number with Emirates ID.

We Can Help!

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How much time do I have to register my family members under Ejari System?

As per the circular issued by the DLD, you can register other resident individuals living with you within maximum of two weeks starting from 23rd September 2022 with immediate effect.

Is there a penalty for not registering co-occupants within the two-week deadline?

For the time being there is no information available on possible penalties or fines for failing to register co-occupants within the two-week’s timeframe. You may keep checking the relevant websites for further information from DLD.

How can I register co-occupant details in tenancy contract?

Residents can register co-occupants simply by using the Dubai REST app.

Is the rule applicable to every resident in Dubai living in rental or owned property under tenancy contract?

The new tenancy rule applies to all owners, developers, property management firms and tenants in Dubai.

What information do I need to register into the Dubai REST app?

You have to keep handy your passport number and Emirates ID scans (front and back side). You may also click pictures of both sides of your Emirates ID during the process. Once registered, click on ‘Proceed to Login’. According to information available on the Dubai REST app, tenants and property owners must upload the name, Emirates ID and date of birth of all co-occupants on the application.

What if my family member’s Emirates ID is under process?

The law is applicable to all the co-occupants living with the main tenant for more than 30 days. Members who are still waiting for their Resident IDs are not yet residents of the UAE so they can be registered once they become one.

Do I have to register my live-in domestic help must as well?

All members of the family who are residing with the main tenant on the Dubai-based property must be registered. However, DLD currently has not specified about registering the house help sponsored by the primary tenant in Dubai as a co-occupant.

What are the benefits of registering the co-occupants under the new law?

The addition of the co-occupants to the tenancy contract (registered by RERA via Ejari System) allows them to use the Ejari Contract as proof of identity. In addition, the new rule will also improve the tenant’s lifestyle as part of a crackdown on illegal accommodation sharing in Dubai UAE.

Is the new tenancy rule applicable to all the emirates in the United Arab Emirates?

At present the new rule applies to Dubai only.

Is the new tenancy law for only rented properties in Dubai?

No. The new law is applicable to both the properties whether owned or rented.

Do I have to pay for co-occupant tenancy registration in Dubai?

No. There is no fee for co-occupant registration in Ejari. You may either do it all by yourself or get professional assistance from service providers.

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