Artificial Intelligence & Coding Licence, Dubai’s Ground-breaking Launch to Mark 2022

Psst… want to know what’s the secret behind Dubai’s million watts beaming smile? It’s none other than “Artificial Intelligence”! Like every other country, the UAE also strongly believes that AI can help us all lead happier lives. Every emirate of the UAE, particularly Dubai, is getting more intelligent day by day. Thanks to AI experts and coders!

From driverless automatic trains and pilotless flying taxis to customer service robots, police officer robots and other humanoid robots on the job at the recently held Expo2020, every nook and cranny of smart Dubai screams “AI” louder than ever. According to the 2019 report on the ‘Government Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index’, which scrutinized 190+ nations the world over to decide its rankings, has also seated UAE at the top of the Arab world for its readiness to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. UAE leaves no chance to encourage investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and attract AI companies and coders from around the world to relocate to the UAE. The recent launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Coding licence offered by Dubai International Financial Centre cites the statement. And the perk is UAE Golden Visa & long-term residency, which the first-of-its-kind licence comes with. The AI & Coding licence also aims to accomplish the vision and the goals of the UAE’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031.

Understand coding and artificial intelligence (AI)

The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems, is termed Artificial Intelligence. Understood? Probably not! For a person from a non-technical background, knowing these terminologies is no less than getting into a maze of legal mumbo jumbo. To simplify, coding (or programming) is testing a human’s skill to which rate it can reduce the complexity of the computer program. And the easiest definition of artificial intelligence we can put here is that AI is testing human skills in making the machines learn to act like humans. And to enable a system to sense, comprehend, act and learn like us AI involves a collection of technologies that can be combined in a different way. Training a system to imitate a living being via machine learning or deep learning is a core element of what makes it intelligent — and can be extremely powerful. Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision are the specific applications of AI. There are 4 types of Artificial Intelligence, viz. Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind and Self Aware.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Coding Licence

2022 seems to be full of surprises and opportunities paving a path for AI companies and people around the world who have been looking to migrate to the UAE! Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Coding Licence, launched on Tuesday 1 March 2022, is the key to the doors to your bright future in the city of your dream, Dubai. One of the most business-friendly locations in the world, Dubai gives a holler to AI businesses and coders from the world over to relocate to their favourite emirate of the UAE.As partof the UAE’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031, the one-of-its-kind initiative taken by Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in cooperation with the UAE Artificial Intelligence Office is expected to lure 100,000 coders to UAE by 2026 by adding to the investment opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI).


AI & Coding licence has been launched to encourage investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and attract AI companies and coders from around the world to relocate to the UAE. The licence also aims to achieve the vision and the goals of the UAE’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031.

The licence enables the corporations to work at the DIFC Innovation Hub, which is the largest cluster of FinTech and innovation companies in the region, representing over 60% of all Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) FinTechs. And the joy of joys is that the licence also offers the companies an opportunity to acquire the UAE Golden Visas for their employees.


The idea already started stemming last year when the UAE teamed up on 1st July 2021 with the world’s largest technology giants including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Cisco, IBM and LinkedIn to launch a national plan for coders to set up 1,000 major digital companies within five years. “Such initiatives reflect positively on the country’s readiness to become a global destination for pioneering the industries of the future by adopting advanced technology and stimulating innovation in various fields… DIFC has opened new horizons for leading global companies that aspire to enhance their efforts in the field of AI and expand their businesses further,” said Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications.

“Dubai and DIFC are global ambassadors for AI. Financial services companies in DIFC and a broad spectrum of other industries across the emirate are setting the standard which is also contributing to the UAE’s ambitious goal to have an internationally competitive, knowledge-based economy,” said Essa Kazim, Governor of DIFC.

Other Artificial Intelligence-Focused Initiatives taken by the UAE

UAE seeks to grow its GDP by around 35% ($96 billion) utilising AI technologies. It will help the country cut down government spending by 50% or so, saving around USD 3 billion. Ahead, we will look at some of the initiatives taken by the UAE Government in the last few years in line with their AI-driven visions.

Artificial Intelligence Strategy

With a desire to be the world leader in AI by 2031 and extend the use of AI across various sectors including education, energy, transportation, space and technology, the futuristic UAE came forward with “Artificial Intelligence Strategy” in 2017. Consequently, the AI ministry came into existence for building a long-term AI strategy. The initiative marked its government’s dependence on myriad future services, sectors, and infrastructure projects employing AI. The ministry has suggested adopting an AI curriculum and launching six smart platforms to incorporate technology within the education system. Roughly 600 schools with about 275,000 students and 21,000 teachers will work on these platforms.

UAE Centennial 2071 Project

Real happiness today comes from Artificial Intelligence! Seeping into every aspect of our lives, AI makes lives easier and happier. Zeroed on making the UAE world’s best country in the next 5 decades (by 2071) and providing the future generations better overall environment, bigger growth opportunities and stronger communication links with the world for a happier life, the UAE Cabinet commenced the Centennial 2071 project. It is a long-term, full-vision plan that extends for 5 decades after 2021. Economy, Education, Government Development, and Community Cohesion are the main elements of the future-focused scheme. “Brothers and sisters, today we launched the UAE Centennial 2071 project to put in place a vision that extends to five decades and to prepare the nation for future generations”, tweeted His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President & Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai to signal the country about the motto behind the Centennial 2071 project launch.

Coders HQ

The UAE government has launched the Coders HQ, a new transformational project that redefines local coding communities, in collaboration with over 40 companies all across the UAE and the world. The project seeks to create a new generation of coders, enrich their skills in coding and technology, empower them with tools & expertise and provide them with the opportunity to design innovative solutions to respond to local and global challenges. Aiming to achieve the highest number of programmers per capita globally for the UAE, the project contains 9 primary initiatives, viz.:

  • ‘HQ learn’ – to provide practical training courses in different coding fields to different levels of coders
  • ‘HQ assessment’ – to provide a mechanism for evaluating the skills and performance of coders
  • ‘HQ meetups’, – which focuses on developing and incubating software communities in all fields
  • ‘HQ challenges’ – to share private sector challenges whose winners receive prizes.
  • ‘HQ hackathons’ – to organise a series of short hackathons in partnership with the private sector, where winners will be eligible for prizes
  • ‘HQ conferences’ – to attract mega international conferences specialised in coding to the UAE
  • ‘HQ get inspired’ – to hold a series of inspiring sessions presented by CEOs and technical influencers
  • ‘HQ internship’ – to provide training opportunities for Emirati graduates in the digital companies
  • ‘HQ 021” – a joint project with the United Arab Emirates National and Reserve Service Authority (UAENSR) to develop the talents of national service coders and help them reach global levels

“AI for Kids” Initiative

On 17th February 2022, Coders HQ, in partnership with Dell Technologies, launched the “AI for Kids” initiative in the UAE, to build a new generation of coders from school students by introducing them to coding languages and the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) to sharpen their analytical and logical skills. Luring about 1,000 male and female students from diverse schools in the UAE, the initiative focuses on enhancing students’ capabilities and preparing them to create a digital future by empowering them with the necessary tools and expertise and developing their skills using methodologies suitable for their ages. It guides them to design innovative solutions to challenges and enhances their knowledge by communicating with experts and specialists in various AI fields. In addition, students will participate in a training program, availed in both Arabic and English, with the option to take live online lessons or follow a self-paced training plan.

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