Dubai’s ‘Talent Pass’ is All the Rage This Year

First new labour laws, then new weekend policy and now “Talent Pass” (Not to mention Expo2020). Dubai is shooting one good news after another. Seems the new year fireworks are not over yet, lighting up the skies of expats forever and a day!

If you have not yet heard about the new kid on the block, allow us to enlighten you that it’s just the beginning of 2022 and Dubai again surprised the world by introducing Talent Pass or Skill Pass for freelance work. Off late on 9th January 2021, Dubai Flight Terminal Freezone (DAFZ) launched a 3-year Dubai visa with a new freelance licence viz. “Talent Pass” – Adding the fuel of interest to the fire of genius! Heralding its intention to draw in international abilities, the brand-new permit is sure to be offered to individuals with unparalleled talents and skills along with experience from every nook and cranny of the world.

In the background

The part of the Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZ), Dubai Airport Freezone cut through the red tape to initiate the licence by signing an MoU with the Dubai Culture and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Supporting the national economy by improving the role of commercial, investment, and creative sectors in strengthening the emirate’s GDP, the MoU structures the framework for cooperation and coordination to process licences, visas and other services that facilitate individuals in setting up and carrying out their business in the emirate. DAFZA will take charge of studying and processing applications for the ‘Talent Pass’ and issuing licences that grant permission to holders to conduct commercial activities within the free zone. Dubai Culture will support the ‘Cultural Visa’ for holders of the applicable licence and act to motivate talent to join the free zone and tap regional and global markets through awareness and communication programmes, as per WAM. And GDRFA takes the responsibility of promoting Dubai Airport Freezone as a preferred destination for global businesses and Dubai as a business-friendly environment that enables proficient individuals to broaden their reach to a large consumer market.

The objective behind releasing the Talent Pass

The new initiative heralds a change in the business environment and culture in Dubai. Capable to respond to fluctuating market requirements and the emerging business environment in Dubai post pandemic, the licence will contribute to enabling the business community in Dubai to benefit from the expertise of creatives, specialists and professionals from every part of the world. Offering the flexibility to access diverse business services at competitive prices, the new licence will invigorate the business atmosphere in the cost-free area as well as boost Dubai’s placement as an international location for pioneers as well as ability. Zeroed on beefing up the emirate’s position as a global talent hub, the new licence can be obtained by people with special skills and expertise from the world over. The Dubai Talent Pass intends to lure global talents and professionals in the fields of media, education, innovation, technology, art, marketing and consultancy to the emirate. Whether you are a computer whizz-kid, exceptional video editor, Tik-Toker or YouTuber, magical ink-slinger, tech enthusiast or simply have got a green thumb, this visa is for you. The initiative was launched following a directive issued by @HamdanMohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council.

Benefits of Dubai Talent Pass

We enjoy doing what we are skilled in! This reminds me of an adage said by Confucius – “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Whether you have got some talent naturally or developed skills by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft, you are always on the watch for ways to transform them into a source of income. The Dubai Talent Pass is a kind of freelance visa with more flexibility, opportunities and benefits as follows.

  • First of all, Talent Pass allows you to freelance which simply means you can legally work for yourself without being restricted to four walls, as an independent contractor. In a way the visa lets one stand out in the crowd utilizing their skills and endeavours for themselves only.
  • This initiative of Dubai authorities fling opens the doors to new opportunities for those who have been nurturing in their heart a dream of working in Dubai independently without requiring any company-sponsored work/residency visa.
  • Through the Talent Pass, foreign professionals are able to remain in the country and contribute towards the UAE’s goal of becoming a high-income nation. The greatest perk of the licence is – Unlike the employment visa and just like other freelance visas or permits provided by UAE, Talent Pass is not tied to an employer and is renewable every three years.
  • The ‘Talent Pass’ allows the holders to obtain a residence visa for three years and to rent office space via a vast array of modern office solutions offered by DAFZ at flexible costs.
  • The best part is licence holders can access the huge network of Dubai Airport Freezone customers as well as the free zone’s digital platform. The free zone hosts a mixed bag of over 1,800 companies across 20+ vital economic sectors, with multinationals making up more than 30% of those companies, 31 of them being Fortune 500 companies.
  • Part of a portfolio of six licences provided by DAFZ, ‘Talent Pass’ includes the General Commerce Licence and Commerce Licence for commercial activities such as import, export and re-export. The portfolio also includes the Industrial Licence for light manufacturing activities and packaging and assembly; the E-Commerce Licence for online trading of goods and services; the licence issued in partnership with the Department of Economic Development, which allows companies registered at the Dubai Airport Freezone to apply for the Department’s licence without the need for an office space for working outside the free zone; and the Services Licence for service-based companies.
  • What better than holding a Talent Pass to enjoy a work-life balance in Dubai without rushing every morning to your workplace! With a self-sponsored visa, you are free to move out of your place only when you think it is necessary at your convenience. If there were a time to ditch your 8-5 job, this is now.
  • Last but not least, it’s easy to steer clear of getting infected if you are working as a freelancer because the more you remain outside, the more you travel in public transports, the more you are vulnerable to come in contact with the ever-spreading coronavirus. The virus can’t stop travelling, but now you can!
  • The licence is a gateway to a very sought-out niche especially by those who don’t want to ditch their conventional jobs but still are finding ways for a side hustle in their free time.

Criteria to obtain the Talent Pass in Dubai

In addition to myriad visa schemes available at your disposal to make Dubai your new address, now you have one more visa to bring your dream of working and living in Dubai to fruition. The visa is available for individuals who are willing to turn their unique skillsets into a business opportunity while living and working in Dubai. In words of one syllable, you are eligible for the Talent Pass if you are extraordinarily specialised in certain fields such as media, advertising, marketing, education & learning, innovation, art and consulting. The news is still new and there are so many things in connection with the freshly launched licence that are yet to be unfolded such as eligibility criteria, the licence cost, etc. For the time being, you may cut capers knowing that there is one more option to legally stay and make money from your talents and skills in Dubai, and, with it, make living out of your passions.

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