Smart UAE Initiatives – An insight on various digitalization projects of UAE Government

Thanks to unprecedented government support, innovation initiatives have become a major part of UAE’s ever-growing economy during recent years. Having a great positive impact on the daily lives of citizens and expatriates, applications and systems of various types have been successfully implemented by multiple governmental institutions to improve their services.

Besides playing a major role in overall economic growth, such initiatives create additional job vacancies and attract foreign investment further advancing UAE’s ability to compete with other jurisdictions worldwide when it comes to the overall quality of life.

Based on recent studies conducted in Dubai, about 65% of the population is young people. Therefore, the demand for modern technology is higher than ever.

Starting from the 2nd half of 2018 Dubai’s government has taken a leading position among other emirates when it comes to promoting and implementing digital technology into various activities and institutions. One of the programs is the “Smart City 2021” project with a goal to unite all Dubai’s infrastructure elements into one solid network with automated interactions that would save time and money from both applicants’ and government side. The “10 X” program involves the implementation and promotion of block-chain technology for secure transactions and data protection within the next 10 – year period.

The upcoming EXPO 2020 is a major milestone for UAE’s advancement on a worldwide economic and political arena.

After UAE won the right to host EXPO 2020, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum –Vise-President and Prime Minister of UAE, ruler of Dubai and Chairman of The Board of Trustees for the Dubai Future Foundation has announced the following: “In order to become the best world’s government each of us has to take part in a creative revolution. This can be achieved by improving our executive instruments and systems, but also learn to think progressively and have an open mind.”

Such progressiveness and open-minded approach have been shifting executive standards throughout both private and governmental levels in Dubai. Since 2016, Dubai Future foundation started their program for global blockchain implementation. Blockchain tech will enable safe and fast digital data transactions between various institutions and business establishments.

 global block chain implementation in UAE

Among the most influencing establishments, contributing a great number of resources into local infrastructure are telecommunication companies DU and ETISALAT. Both of them has made modern 4G networks possible in the UAE even before the EU and USA. Local mobile devices market is saturated to a level of 200%, which means that every person on average owns at least 2 units.

In addition, the Dubai government approves and supports programs that involve usage of automated drones, police robots and driverless taxi services.

Project “Smart City” has been constantly promoting UAE as a world center of trade, shopping, and tourism.

A joint effort of DU and ETISALAT have enabled a widely spread Wi-Fi internet access throughout the city.  Nowadays Dubai has approximately 300 establishments with free Wi-Fi internet access. In addition, customers can enjoy online connection while using public transport and taxi services.

The above-mentioned companies are currently developing a unified network that would eventually connect all governmental institutions allowing fast and secure data sharing, optimizing various related procedures, cutting cost and saving time.

While providing strong support for startups, Dubai has also established itself as a solid expansion ground for existing worldwide corporate giants such as Microsoft, Siemens, Oracle, Amazon and other multi-billion businesses that have established their representative offices here, successfully promoting products and expanding their market reach to the Middle East and Africa.

Thanks to an open-minded approach and well-thought-of, sophisticated policies, UAE has become a truly remarkable base-ground for innovation and high-end technology solutions, allowing its citizen, expatriates, guests and tourists to enjoy one the best standards of living in the world, social and economic stability and rapid growth. Ambitious development plans are being made as EXPO 2020 approaches, and one can rest assured that they will be implemented as confidently and efficiently, like the ones that people in the UAE enjoy today.

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