Make the Most of the Expo 2020 Dubai

The proud host of the World Expo 2020, Dubai has become the “talk of the town” I mean “the world”! The economy is going great guns giving way to new entrepreneurs to set up their own business in the region. Not only the grand Expo is drawing millions of visitors from the world over but it also is promoting the city’s status as a truly global city with world-class infrastructure and a hub for global business. The event also epitomizes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for businesses of all sizes, global units, and government entities from across the globe, to muster up to nurture a more diversified and resilient international economy, inspire a full-of-the-joys-of-spring business environment and drive sustainable growth. Holds water! 

A successful expo can do wonders when it comes to exhibiting a nation’s strengths and talents on a global scale! Remember the “Better City, Better Life” themed Shanghai Expo held in 2010 which received a whopping 73 million people from every nook of the world. Besides highlighting Shanghai as a thriving, international city, the splendid Expo proved to be a mighty promoter of China’s economic success that resulted in fresh and long-lasting infrastructure developments benefiting the nation. Coming back to Expo 2020 Dubai and its benefits for the to-be and well-established entrepreneurs. The hustle and bustle of tourists around and a sudden boom in every single industry in Dubai are a dead giveaway that the mega event is going to work like a charm if you are planning to set up a business in Dubai this year. While every established entrepreneur is busy making the most of it you too can open the treasure chest full of golden opportunities as an aspiring entrepreneur. Here’s how: 

Network with Clients/Customers: People are now more connected than ever before, thanks to improvements in infrastructure such as metro stations, trains, and air and rail facilities. It is beneficial to business-to-person connectivity. Expo 2020 is in its full swing and this is your best chance to catalyse collaboration, rekindle innovation and create tangible opportunities in your trade and investment! The grand event will continue opening up an entirely new horizon for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). Yes, there is a huge probability that you stumble upon the investors and international corporates which can be great for your start-up. There is no denying the fact that Expo 2020 Dubai is an extraordinary international platform to attract investments, forge agreements and promote international cooperation. So, pull up your socks pal and gird up to build relationships with your future business partners, clients and customers. Remember this is your now-or-never chance to find the clients and customers for your business and establish long-term business partnerships with them to pick up or make more profits. 

Form a Competitive Edge: Now Expo 2020 has proved to be impactful for current and upcoming businesses, every entrepreneur wants a slice of the action. Given the importance of start-ups and SMEs in the Global Value Chain (GVC), Expo 2020 helps connect ground-breaking ideas with leading establishments to build a competitive edge. The event is sure to offer tons of opportunities for businesses to be competitive on their pricing and brand value. 

Open New Markets and Revenue Streams: The tourism economy in the emirates, especially the food and entertainment industries, have already been benefitting largely from the moment the grand global event was announced. The other related sectors such as lodging, food service, and creative industries are making a fortune from the increase in tourism. Not to mention the logistic companies supplying various sorts of suppliers, retailers, construction firms, and many others. Now it is your time to re-picture the global economy and record the most business activity. With millions of visitors and 192 participating countries, Expo 2020 is the place to rejuvenate business connections and explore new markets and give way to revenue gushes. 

Take Your Brand Value Above a Notch: Being renowned provides you with an added advantage to target the right customers while letting you propagate your business roots exponentially. The UAE being the first country to host the World Expo in the MENA region means its presence in the world has progressed at a speed of light. The high-octane Expo 2020 is a world showcase for innovation, culture and business allowing the start-ups and SMEs to showcase their homegrown products on a universal platform and build strategies to soup up the brand value at an international level. 

Look at the Business Growth Aspects: Expo 2020 provides an ever-changing full of a get-up-and-go playground for businesses. The event is already making a huge splash and expecting to generate billion dollars of revenue and foreign investments for the UAE, amplifying the economy. A burgeoning economy is no less than a springboard to jump into the sea of inventive business opportunities. And the joy of joy is that the timing of Expo 2020 clashes with that of the UAE’s current business cycle causing the boost. Therefore. There is no doubt that the event will work as a catalyst to accelerate the growth of businesses and help them recover the losses due to COVID-19. 

Enhanced Infrastructure Adds to the Business Growth: Being the host city of Expo 2020, it’s visible that Dubai has forked out a staggering amount of dirhams toward the improvement of the city’s infrastructure and logistical framework comparable to other international business centres. Be it offices, residential spaces, cultural attractions, parks, leisure amenities, new roads, rail links or expanded airport capacity. The better the city’s infrastructure, the better the chances of business growth. Business leaders and entrepreneurs can live off the backs of the spending done by the UAE government by absorbing numerous opportunities that the event has brought to the Emirate to the fullest. Concentrate on where you want your organization to be in both the horizons while the Expo is going on and when it will bid adieu to the city after the first quarter of 2022.  

Grow to Other Business Sectors: UAE is synonymous with best-in-class tourism, phenomenal hospitality and widespread retail offerings, Expo 2020 is here not to boost just the travel & tourism, taxi, cleaning, hospitality and food sectors. Other sectors like construction, automobile, energy, finance, technology, and cutting-edge communications too have an equal chance to multiply their revenues fair and square. With the UAE pushing boundaries everywhere, every single sector is on the radar of visitors and investors. This visibility will help portray the nation as a global player in all kinds of businesses. 

Employ the Best International Talent: With every large-scale event comes thousands of new job opportunities attracting a plethora of skilled workers. #Expo2020Dubai is no exception! The city is receiving skilled workers, specialists, and Subject matter Experts in abundance from around the world giving start-ups and SMEs an opportunity to handpick the best of the best talent for their businesses. 

How to Participate in Expo 2020? 

Expo 2020 will be an outstanding push towards business growth. There are currently 38,000+ suppliers and buyers from 151 countries registered in Expo 2020 Online Marketplace (OMP). This is a platform where you can advertise the range of products and services and explore growth opportunities. If you are determined to take your business to the next level during Expo 2020 register your business on OMP to participate in the world’s first largest global event after the pandemic. 

Reach Us for Any Queries 

If you have come this far, I am sure your business idea is not in the lap of the gods. But if it’s still sitting on the fence get in touch with one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE. Not only they will help you find the most profitable business opportunities at the moment but also will enlighten you with the dos and don’ts of the business setup process to make sure your entrepreneurial journey is free from any bumps and pits. Businesses in the UAE should be mindful of some of the factors that can both form as well as complicate the opportunities created in the wake of Expo 2020. 

A survey by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry reveals that – over three out of four (78%) companies in Dubai hope Expo 2020 will benefit their business in the fourth quarter of 2021. It is set to drive business in Dubai into a new era that will see the city undergo “another big paradigm shift”, says a senior executive. We are one of the leading business setup firms in Dubai with numerous successful company setups since 2012. Now that you know how you can make the most of Expo2020 to increase the reach of your brand and profits, hop on the bandwagon without a second thought. Speak to our proficient business setup consultants in Dubai to know more about Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore company formations in Dubai and the other parts of the UAE. 

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