5 Most Preferred Areas for Business in Dubai Mainland

Soon you’ll have your name printed on your business card and be giving it away to your friends and relatives with your nose in the air. You can pat your back for coming this far! Now that you are wondering which area in Dubai will be the best pick for your business, we must tell you that you have come to the right page. Here we are going to enlighten you and the likes of you who are seeking some advice in choosing the best location for business in Dubai. So, let’s take a tour of the most favoured places in Dubai Mainland to set up a business. 

Smack dab on the Persian Gulf to the northeast of the United Arab Emirates, you will spot the UAE’s most glittering gem – Dubai. With an urban area of 3,885 sq. km. and a city of roughly 35 sq. km. in size, Dubai despite being the second-largest Emirate in the country comprises only 5% of the landmass of the UAE. From dusty sands and a modest pearl-fishing village, the city has metamorphosed itself into a concrete jungle and global business centre alluring foreign vacationers and investors for leisure and business no matter what time of year it is. There is something for everyone in this melting pot of opportunities no matter what sector your heart is set on to set up a business in Dubai – tourism, trade or real estate. Without a doubt, Dubai has proven its solid points to almost every aspect of a developed country. Without any doubt, setting up a business in Dubai is the decision you are never going to regret. 

Dubai Mainland 

The sky is the only limit with a mainland company. Not only do the companies established in Dubai mainland (onshore) get the freedom to trade anywhere in Dubai and the UAE, but also wider Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states and all the Free Zones. In addition to that, they will have a far wider range of stunning real estate options to opt for. You can expect high flexibility and quick growth with Dubai mainland registration. Other key benefits of registering your company in the mainland are you can trade internationally and increase the presence of your brand, multiply your team easily, diversity your offerings, and deal with the UAE or GCC governments.UAE legal entities need to be licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and governed by the UAE Commercial Companies Law (CCL). Unlike the Free Zones, the best thing about setting up a business in mainland UAE is that there is no territorial restriction on business activities or the location of offices/premises. The only downside of setting a company in Dubai mainland is that the maximum cap on foreign shareholders is 49%. I guess this is negligible in front of the mountain of benefits and perks you get to revel in with a mainland registered business. Below, we will take a look at the best areas in the mainland to form a start-up. 

Sheikh Zayed Road 

Studded with myriad leading companies in the world iconic and several structures such as Dubai World Trade Centre and Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road beautifully passes through the centre of the city. Abu Dhabi and Ras-al-Khaimah also connect to this main artery of the Emirate. Also known as, E11 route, Sheikh Zayed Road is the longest road and is the beating heart of Dubai. Teeming with various business ventures, global establishments, world-famous corporates, high-rise infrastructures, Sheikh Zayed Road is the most vibrant area in the heart of Dubai that contributes heavily to the flourishing economy of the nation. The area also features residential units generating leading real estate options and global hospitality sectors, which makes it the best pick for your mainland company formation. Entrepreneurs who are lured to open a company on Sheikh Zayed Road should be mentally and financially prepared to splurge on the rents. 


Encircled by Dubai Creek, Sharjah, and the Arabian Gulf, Deira is the oldest commercial district of Dubai tucked away in old Dubai. The district houses Emirate’s numerous traditional businesses with a touch of modernism. Representing the ethnic culture of downtown, the Deira locality connects the new and old Dubai. Oozing with old-world charm, Deira is one of the most favoured locations in the Emirate to live and work in. Home to the glittering Gold Souk, Spices Souks, Perfume Souks, Textile Souk, several small-time eateries and restaurants, Deira is a prime trading hub and tourists’ favourite place for shopping. The 5th most preferred location for renting flats, the locality is also popular amongst expats to live in due to the availability of budget-friendly accommodations. Situated very close to Bur Dubai, the neighbourhood houses some of the oldest offices, government buildings and retail centres. With strong connections to the Emirate’s past, the Heritage House and the Al Ahmadiya School are noteworthy remains of the city’s rich history. You can also find a selection of stylish hotels and bustling malls. Being one of the oldest residential areas in the city, the locality does not have any freehold properties, so expats cannot invest in Deira Dubai. We can expect the change in the near future after the long-awaited Palm Deira development is finished. All in all, Deira is the best location to set up a company for those entrepreneurs who have limited budget to run the business and are targeting the client base with low spending power. 

Business Bay 

On the south side of the bewitching Downtown Dubai lies Business Bay which is a residential, commercial and business centre, all rolled into one. This simply means the most popular attractions of the city, such as Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall Fountains, Burj Khalifa, The Museum of the Future, City Walk and Dubai Opera are in the vicinity. Dotted with buzzing streets, breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline and Dubai Creek, sparkling waters of Dubai Canal, Business Bay is a treat for all your senses whether you are a tourist or business person. Easy commute to other neighbourhoods and access to Sheikh Zayed Road, proximity to Burj Khalifa and the Downtown area, and the striking new JW Marriott Marquis hotel are some of the many benefits of choosing Business Bay as your spot for the business. Offering a range of activities at all hours of the day, Business Bay is one of the densest residential and commercial neighbourhoods in the city. Business Bay is increasingly emerging as one of the most desirable places in Dubai to set up a company. Thanks to the focused development within the area over the past number of years. Business Bay is the ideal choice for those entrepreneurs who can afford costly rents and are offering pricey products/services to wealthy customers. Furthermore, large corporates as well as SMEs both can make the most of the various opportunities that the well-established business environment of this central business district offers to diverse business modules. 

Al Quasis 

The suburban area of Dubai, Al Quasis is sitting quaintly near Port Saeed and Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA). It shares borders with Muhaisnah 4, Al Nahda and Al Qusais Industrial Area towards the north. Al Twar lies to the south of the region and Hor Al Anz is positioned towards the east. Being one of the oldest and culturally rich areas of Dubai, Al Qusais is quite diverse from the glamorous side of new Dubai. You won’t find towering skyscrapers and that shiny grandeur here that you’d find in Downtown Dubai. So many families choose Al Quasis as the residential community offers high-standard schools and nurseries along with budget-friendly, low to mid-rise flats where they can live in peace and harmony. The biggest perk of choosing this area for your business is that the rental trends here are relatively lower when compared to other regions in the Emirate. And you can enjoy reasonably-priced meals and other amenities at affordable prices. Sitting on the junction of Dubai and Sharjah, Al Quaiss could be the ideal location for your business formation if your product or service is cost-effective and your target audience doesn’t have high spending power. By setting up a company in Al Quasis, you can serve the mixed population of Dubai and Sharjah. In a nutshell, Al Quasis is a very good option to start and run a business in Dubai. 

Bur Dubai 

Nestled on the western side of Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai is the oldest business space, exuding the vibe of past Dubai patrimony. The historic locality is home to myriad remarkable sites such as The Ruler’s Court, Dubai Museum, heritage villages, historic places, and some of the oldest souks and is known for showcasing the culture and tradition of the Middle East. The presence of ample trendy cafés, galleries, hotels and various awesome shops make this urban and commercial setting a perfect pick for the hospitality business. The location is quite different from the central city, Dubai. Bur Dubai is an ideal business location for those budding entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in the hotel, tourism, textile, spices, trading industries. And the cherry on the top is, business persons can take advantage of the networking amongst many efficiencies of governmental methods and benefits of business setup offered by Bur Dubai. 

Make the mark with us 

Sitting strategically on the world map, Dubai is the economic hotspot in the Middle East that houses tons of business entities with plenty of space for budding entrepreneurs. But finding an ideal location that squarely fits into your business plan can be a daunting task if you are new to the land. Therefore, before searching the right location for your business in Dubai, it absolutely makes sense to find an experienced business setup consultant in Dubai, UAE, such as Adam Global. You are up to your chin in tons of to-dos let us find the perfect location to set up your company in Dubai and handle all the hassles as well as the paperwork for you so you can focus only on your vision. 

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